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Club Med - Tignes

The studio Jean-Philippe Nuel created a unique and refined interior design inspired by pristine high altitude environment, using noble and traditional materials in a contemporary interpretation, that expresses modernity, dynamism and the fun & creative spirit of Club Med.

Club Med Tignes @ClubMed

"Tignes is synonymous with a certain modernity and a high quality of skiing made possible by a unique domain. These two points are the basis of our work: to express a modernity that is nevertheless synonymous with the mountains and to create an environment in line with the emotions provided by unique skiing in the middle of nature."

Jean-Philippe Nuel


Tignes, France

Prime contractor

Club Med

Number of keys



December 2022

Project team

Guillaume Bodonnat - Camille Grenier

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Club Med

Club Med Tignes @ClubMed
Club Med Tignes @ClubMed