Spa – Le Negresco Hotel

Nice, France

The Spa of the Hotel Le Negresco stands out for its commitment to preserving the essence of the exceptional. By combining art, history and a contemporary vision, this space is an oasis in the heart of the French Riviera. Inspired by the richness of its art collection and eclectic heritage, the Negresco Spa promises an immersive sensory experience, where every detail evoks a subtle balance between tradition and innovation.

Spa- Le Negresco Hotel
Spa Hôtel Le Negresco - Nice ©Hôtel Le Negresco
Spa - Le Negresco Hotel


Nice, France

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Project team

Jérôme Peuron - Jessica Marques - Vincent Patfoort - Françoise Meynckens

Photo credits

Nicolas Matheus

Spa - Le Negresco Hotel

Heritage is about understanding the space, its soul and its spirit, to ensure that the project is meaningful and adds to the unique identity of the hotel

The Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is spectacular, with its stainless steel basin that gives the water a clarity and brilliance reminiscent of flowing water. Its mirrored ceiling reflects the material, demultiplying the space while allowing natural light to filter through. Draped walls in staff, mosaics and oversized pearl necklaces add a touch of elegance and refinement to this unique space.

Spa - Le Negresco Hotel

The Relaxation Area

On the lower level, the circulation opens up to a spacious relaxation area where warm tones evoke the colorful walls of Nice. The rounded architecture highlights a series of lounges where curtains engage in a dialogue with artworks. There, one can find a white marble sculpture depicting the bust of a young girl with a braid, an allegory of childhood in the 19th century.

Spa - Le Negresco Hotel


The first floor houses « L'Écrin », a private 100 m2 spa, resembling a small apartment perfectly suited for duo treatments. This gem incorporates distinctive elements of the Spa: floral motifs punctuated with black and white stripes, oversized pearl necklaces and decor inspired by mythology, especially in the ceilings.

Spa - Le Negresco Hotel