Concrete LCDA x Jean-Philippe Nuel

Jean-Philippe Nuel is developing several collections of Panbeton for Concrete LCDA (decorative concrete panels). The raw materials are highlighted. Wood is the archetype of the natural and warm material, while concrete evokes the city, that often decried urban universe. Here, the new Panbeton® “Graphite” keeps a woody note. It is inspired by the graphics drawn by the different types of wood when they burn. Indeed, if we burn Douglas, accoya, oak or pine, the surface of the wood adopts reliefs cracked in scales, grooved all in length or smooth in tense curves.

The "Graphite" panel is not just about using burned wood. It is a graphic composition playing with the relief of the different finishes like a marquetry. The panel reinterprets an age-old tradition through a contemporary creative approach.

Jean-Philippe Nuel
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