Edition 1.6.9 x Jean-Philippe Nuel

The new Ecorce rug is the result of a collaboration between Studio Jean-Philippe Nuel and Edition 1-6-9. This carpet, available in blue or natural color, combines New Zealand wool and Tencel velvet as a tribute to nature. The techniques and know-how of Edition 1.6.9 associated with the vision of Jean-Philippe Nuel lead to a dialogue with materials, colors and shapes.

The importance of carpets in interior design

The floor is one of the major components of an interior, if the harmony floor, wall, ceiling works, we immediately feel the atmosphere of a place. In this context, the carpets are very important, they intervene in the general harmony of a room or a project. Carpets are like elements of furniture and already represent a take on the style of interior architecture.


The site on each of my projects is my main source of inspiration. It is the architectural site but also the spirit of the place in the broadest sense: its history, the atmosphere that emerges from it. Each project is thus a journey, a universe in its own right seen through the prism of my own sensitivity.

Jean-Philippe Nuel
Staging of the blue bark carpet for Editon 1.6.9 with JD Staron, interior design, interior architecture, object design, designer, studio jean-philippe nuel, luxury design

A long-standing collaboration

The starting point of our collaboration with Edition 1.6.9 is the creation of carpets for the rooms and suites of the Lancaster Hotel in Paris. This mythical hotel in the Champs-Elysées district is classically inspired, but the carpets bring a note of modernity as a counterpoint to the global positioning of the decoration, so they have a particularly important place.