Villa Koegui Bayonne

Opening of Villa Koegui Bayonne and its restaurant Le Carré, in the heart of the French Basque Country. The hotel is an open door to a colorful journey that pays tribute to the culture of the region, its art of living and its history, in a clever mix of modernity, refinement, comfort and elegance in accordance with the values of the bookseller Guy Néplaz.

A new hotel in the heart of the Basque Country

Jean-Philippe Nuel, both architect and interior designer, and Bernard Signoret, architect in Biarritz, have given shape to this hotel, a perfect cross between innovation and history. This 43-key building in the heart of Bayonne is thus a natural fit with its historic district.

 The ambition was to create a contemporary interpretation of the Peñas accessible to everyone, taking up the great themes dear to Basque cultural life: music, gastronomy, art and sport.

Jean-Philippe Nuel
Hotel Villa Koegui Bayonne, 4 star lifestyle hotel designed by the interior design studio jean-philippe nuel, basque country, historical museum, exterior façade, modern architecture